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2020 Blogs


Japan Itinerary 

I am finally going to go to one of my bucket list countries. I was one of the kids that grew up on anime. This was the gateway for me to discover how amazing Japan is. I have wanted to go there for nearly 15 years, but always made up excuses. Well no more, I am finally going. I adore Japan and it’s culture so much, that I even studied Japanese just so I would be able to talk a little bit to the locals. 

This is an overview of my itinerary for Japan. I like to have a plan, but I also tend to make up my mind on the day as well, so the final trip is bound to be very different.

2019 Blogs


Singapore Trip 2019

One of my best friends was born and raised in Singapore, but she was getting married and moving to America. She convinced me to fly to Singapore before she moved so she could show me her home city. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

I can’t wait to go back again. Before this trip, I had no idea it was possible to be homesick for a place I had never lived in.


Gympie Show 2019

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Birthday in Melbourne 2019

A few years back I decided that I would rather have a fantastic new travelling experience for my birthday than spend it having a party. It just makes the whole day more special, memorable and I love the fact it’s 100% about me. This year, I decided to go to a city in Australia that I had never been to before, Melbourne.

2018 Blogs


Stalking Panic! At The Disco

I accidentally made a promise with 2 separate people, living in 2 different states, that if Panic! At the Disco ever toured Australia again, I would go with them to the concert.

Not one to go back on my word, this is how I ended up seeing them twice, almost 3 times, but that is another story.

2017 Blogs


Fright Night at MovieWorld

The last time I went to MovieWorld with a friend of mine, it was around Halloween and while we were there, we noticed all the decorations and signs advertising FrightNight. After asking the staff what it was, we decided we absolutely had to come back for it. Well, it only took us two years. This is our spooky adventure.

2016 Blogs


Great Britain Contiki Tour

I finally bit the bullet and forced myself to explore a foreign country. Also, decided to ease into it by going to an English speaking country first and travelling with a tour group. I figured adjusting to a new country was terrifying enough without trying to speak another language and manage my trip myself. This ended up being such an amazing learning curve for me and really helped show me what I want from travel.

Enjoy the story of when KyrieCat went international.

2015 Blogs


Halloween At Draculas

As a birthday present for a friend, I took her on a holiday to the Gold Coast. We stayed right near the beach at Broadbeach and explored MovieWorld and had our blood sucked at Draculas. There was also some weird fun at an arcade and deliciousness eaten at Hardrock Cafe.

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