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Welcome To My Madness

Hello, my fellow nerds, freaks, geeks and everything else in between.

My name is Emelyne, but I go by the code name KyrieCat. I am a web designer and social media addict and I welcome you to my humble domain.

This is my personal playground where you will find all manner of strange and wonderful things, from recipes, to crazy DIYs and if you are lucky (or I can be bothered/remember) even accounts of my fantastic, wacky adventures to far off lands and events.



I love travelling, but I am also a real home body. Its hard to go to exciting new places when all you want is your own bed. But there are moments where my dormant gypsy soul is sparked to life and this is where I like to store my most fondest memories of these crazy adventures.


A collection of recipes that I have tried, tested and have evaluated as delicious. About 90% of them are gluten-free, but I like food from a variety of cuisines and styles so there should recipes here for everyone.

The only thing I don’t make a lot of is desserts as I don’t have a massive sweet-tooth and tend to be very picky about them, unless they are macarons, I love those things.


I am a website/graphic designer and social media guru, operating under Samsara Designs. I explain a little bit about websites in the link, but if you would like more information, please visit Samsara Designs website or contact us.


I am an Aussie who wants to share my life and experiences, so If you like travel; animals; and lots of food pics, then you have come to the right place.

If you like all of these things as much as my instagram shows I do, please follow.

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